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Sswings is one of the best Preschool in Gurgaon that focuses on all facets of child development, including linguistic, physical, socio-emotional, Cognitive and creative, to ensure the overall development of the child.

Recent research conducted in the area of early childhood education has shown that the kind of experience a child undergoes in the early years (under 5 years of age) primarily shapes the behaviour and character of the child in adulthood. And they fairly stand a chance in this competitive world to excel, armoured with all the pre-requisites of success.

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Our playschool provide wonderful environment where children can learn…



Our Preschool program provides care and education to children in the age……

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Safe, nurturing environment for children’s learning and play……



Safe, nurturing environment for children’s learning and play……

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Age Groups

Day Care

AGE - 0.5 to 1

Best preschool in Gurgaon


AGE - 1 to 2

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AGE - 2 to 3

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AGE - 3 to 4

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AGE - 4 to 5

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Reviews of Parents

  • best creche in gurgaon
    My husband and I chose to send our child to Sswings Preschool & Daycare in Gurgaon. In Sswings, my child learned to explore the world beyond home. He learned a lot of activities like painting, singing, dancing, reading and so on... Overall he became much more confident and social. For us, it is the best preschool in Gurgaon as Sswings fulfilled all our expectations.
  • Anjali Singh
    Best place to send your kid...Staff is very staff are working since long frequent change in unnecessary disciplines /boundaries for the child play area is also sufficient.....
  • Farhat Ali
    I totally vouch for Sswings learned program for child. My daughter is been with Sswings past 2 years and learning a lot. Special thanks to respected principal mam and teachers for handling our child so gently. Thank you
  • Balvinder Khurana Hira
    My son was a part of sswings family for 6 months and it felt like home for him as well as me. He learned a lot in these six months. The teachers are very caring and teacher to child ratio is well maintained. Also, the infrastructure is top class and the kind of activities they conduct are amazing, from outdoor play, market visits, pottery, music, karate, swimming to indoor activities like plays, arts, and crafts. All they say, they do. The parents are informed about all activities and how the chlid day looks. Really happy with sswings.
  • Bulbul Chatterjee
    it's an amazing place. they take care of the chlid so well that the chlid don't want to go back home. you are tension free as you know that your child is in safe hands.

  • Navneet-Singh
    My daughter spent 2years in sswings and it was just like family for her. she loved to go to school daily. All the staff is so supportive. Under the able guidance of school head Rajni Madam, class teacher Shilpi ma'am, and admin Ruhi ma'am they all nurtured my child to their fullest. We are so satisfied in every manner whatever my child learned their whether it is curriculum or values. Sswings groomed her so well. We are highly overwhelmed to express our gratitude towards sswings family. It is the best pre-school in our vicinity. We recommend every child to be part of it.
  • Neeti Chellani
    I just love Sswings Pre-school. I am very happy and satisfied with the facilities they have. Principal Mam, Neena mam, all the teachers, support staff very cordial and helpful. I am glad I chose this school for my daughter.
  • Ankita Abhishek Srivastava
    I loved it. my daughter is part of sswings family..she is totally changed now. all teachers and staff are very supportive and caring..they nurture our chlid future...I m thankful to all teachers...
  • Ravinder Kaur
    Sswings is just awesome!! My Daughter has recently joined Sswings and I can see the change in her. I am quite satisfied with Sswings Pre School. Thank you for well shaping our chlid 🙂
  • Suchit Khanna
    One of the best pre-school I must... I have tried 3 different pre-school for my son Rajveer before settling in on Sswings.... They have highly experienced teachers and extremely well-trained staff who will take great care of child as well as focus on complete child care growth... Highly highly recommend sswings.
  • best daycare in gurgaon
    Sswings Daycare center provides a nurturing, friendly, safe, and fun environment for toddlers. On my very first visit, I made up my mind to choose Sswings Daycare for my child. It is the best Daycare in Gurgaon with trained staff and a creative and interesting program. Our child is so happy to go to Sswings Daycare center and as working parents, we feel relieved leaving them for the day.
  • day care school in gurgaon
    We researched and visited many playschools in Gurgaon and finally shortlisted Sswings. In Sswings we found a very disciplined yet fun-filled environment. Appropriate teacher-child ratio, experienced and caring staff, neat and clean environment, and above all safety ensured in Sswings undoubtedly makes it the Best Playschool in Gurgaon. I would surely recommend this school to everyone

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