Promise In Action

Promise In Action

Joyful Learning

The Experience of Learning with Joy

  • Story Time
  • Swimming
  • Art and Craft
  • Instrumental Music
  • Singing & Dance
  • Science Fun
  • Taekwondo
  • Out door Fun
Promise In Action

Health & Hygiene

  • A well balanced diet and menu for children
  • Well supervised meals
  • Strict Hygiene practices followed
  • All food ingredients are of reputed brands and very high quality
  • Food cooked keeping in mind taste & Health of children
Promise In Action

Love & Care

  • Every child handled with warmth and care to feed their emotional requirements
  • Dedicated and well trained staff
  • Very secure, happy and emotionally charged environment
  • Appropriate staff to child ratio
Promise In Action

Parents As Partners

  • Supporting parents in the process of bringing up their children through regular interaction and information sharing
  • Exposing parents to relevant literature and workshops on parenting
  • Workshop on parenting
  • Daily communication & reporting through school App.
  • Getting regular feedback from parents about the conduct of child at home & his/her narration of the day at school
Promise In Action

Safety And Security

  • CCTV-surveillance
  • Strict safety norms for staff
  • Safety gates
  • Intercom in all rooms
  • Medical tie up in case of emergencies
  • First aid training to staff and support staff
  • Safety from fire & earthquake