Curriculum & Methodology

Sswings being the best Pre Nursery school in Gurgaon follows a unique curriculum and methodology. We believe in the Explore, Express, Excel Together motto.

Our day care in Gurgaon features specialized centers such as Science Fun Building, Story Fun, Fun at Home and Creating Fun. At these centers, child use flexible and fun resources to invent, create, investigate, construct, deconstruct experiment and discover. Such an extensive curriculum helps them use language in a variety of ways and express themselves more naturally, intelligently and spontaneously. Such a diverse curriculum and positive environment along with an efficient staff ensures that children are able to excel in everything that they do and grow as a smart and talented individual. This makes us the Best playschool in Gurgaon.

At Sswings Preschool & Daycare in Gurgaon, we use the child’s natural instincts for play to EXPLORE and make sense of the world around. Play at Sswings is supported by skilled mentors who interact with children and enhance their learning and skills.