Daycare in Gurgaon

Why Is Sswings The Best Day Care Centre For Your Kid?

One of the best daycare in Gurgaon, Sswings provides a nurturing and a positive learning environment to your kid. It helps in the development of your child in such a way that they are able to take on challenges in the outside world.

We understand that all parents might not have the time to dedicate to their children, and we step into that role as primary caretakers, ensuring that your kid never feels neglected.

We have good infrastructure facilities and a team of efficient staff who work tirelessly to create programs that can help children enhance their creativity and skills.

We keep the parents informed about the programs that happen in our school through the school app and guide them on parenthood through teacher-parent interaction programs.

What Facilities To Look For In A Daycare?

There are a number of things to consider and facilities to look for in a day-care. After all, you are sending your child to this place hoping that they take care of the early stages of their development. Some of these features are discussed below:

  • The location of the preschool
  • Day carecampus
  • Credibility of the day care
  • Food provided
  • The methodology of teaching
  • Whether the day care communicates all the necessary information to the parents

The Sswings Preschool in Gurgaon excels in providing most of these facilities in an effective and efficient way.If you want to enrol your child in an efficient and safe day care program, look no further than us.

Facilities At Sswings Day Care

Before we begin elaborating on our features, know that we have a very reasonable day care fees in Gurgaon. Moving on, here’s a list of some of the facilities we provide which makes us the best day care centre in Gurgaon. Here are some of them:

1.Joyful Learning

Our preschool and day care centre makes sure that the children here experience learning new things in a joyful manner. Some of the activities we offer are:

  • Story Time
  • Swimming
  • Art and Craft
  • Instrumental Music
  • Singing & Dance
  • Science Fun
  • Taekwondo
  • Outdoor Fun
2.Health And Hygiene

At Sswings, we take special care for the health and hygiene for children. We provide them with awell-balanced and well-supervised meal that doesn’t compromise on the health of your kid.

3.Love And Care

As we know, every child is unique and has different requirements. We handle them with utmost sensitivity andfulfill their emotional needs. The ideal staff to child ratio at Sswings preschool makes it the best day care in Gurgaon. The staff is well dedicated to the goal of providing a secure environment and catering to the needs of your kids.

4.Viewing Parents AsPartners

Sswings day care centre in Gurgaon through their school app and workshops, facilitate parent teacher interactions which can help parents know about the progress and conduct of their child in preschool. Thus, in this way, Sswings help parents in the process of bringing up their child through regular interaction and information sharing.

5.Safety And Security Concerns

Sswings daycare in Gurgaon has the best security surveillance in their facility which includes:

  • CCTV camera surveillance system
  • Strict safety norms for staff
  • Safety gates
  • Intercom in all rooms
  • Medical facility in case of emergencies
  • Training in first aid to staff and support staff
  • Safety facility in case of fire & earthquake
6.Well-Established Policy And Consistent Rules

Sswings day care has well-established rules and regulations which makes it one of the best playschools and Creche in Gurgaon.

Our staff follows strict rules in dealing with children and we do not compromise on the safety and well-being of any child.

Besides, no stranger can enter the day school or interact with your kids. Our staff remain highly vigilant and ensure no compromises are made on our part in ensuring the utmost safety of your kid.

7.Playschool Facility

Sswings also has a play school which is known for following a well-defined curriculum. In addition, it has a number of skill development kits for the children that can help them get prepared for elementary school.

How To Contact Us?

For more details about our services, you can reach out to us either on the helpline numbers given on our website or via email. While there are many day care centres in Gurgaon, what makes us stand out is our dedication towards each child and the inclination to involve parents in their progress. We view our relationship as a partnership that benefits the kid. Further, we are also a reputed playschool that offers online education facilities. And, we follow an up-to-date curriculum which is formulated keeping the child’s needs in mind. So, get in touch with us today for all your concerns.